Vena Network

Vena Network—Open Protocol for Tokenized Asset Financing and Exchange

We Can build a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Vena Network
Help you realize decentralized collateral lending and OTC trading of cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Multi-chain deployment & cross-chain asset transactions

Distributed jury network works as the main transaction protection mechanism

Vena nodes can profit from transaction fees by establishing nodes based on the Vena protocol

To be applied to fiat-to-cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, etc.) loan and transactions

The two parties of the transaction need not rely on a third-party trustworthy intermediary, the security of the transaction is guaranteed by the protocol

Use Aragon software to realize decentralized management

Vena Node Network
The main role of the Vena node network is to promote the liquidity of Vena Network, Vena node can use Vena SDK to customize and provide users with comprehensive transaction services including but not limited to lending, asset transactions, credit evaluation, contract plug-in transaction, etc., and earn profit by collecting fees


Certified Vena Nodes need to have qualification as well as experience in micro-loan operation and abide by the laws, regulations, and policies of the place where they operate


Certified Vena nodes shall deposit VENA Token as a guarantee according to a certain percentage in the Vena Foundation

High Liquidity

Certified Vena nodes can put orders into shared liquidity pool, Vena nodes can share orders and earn fees by promoting transactions, and improve liquidity of transaction network by economic incentive of profit sharing


Digital assets of users are kept in their wallets or locked in smart contract. Vena nodes do not hold digital assets of users, thus avoiding the moral hazard of platform running away. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the cost of safety required for asset deposit for nodes

Juror Application

To join the Jury of Vena Network, it is needed to firstly submit an application to Vena DAO and provide proof of identity. After the application is approved, it is needed to participate in the online training and assessment of the Vena Jury


The full set of arbitration software runs on the infrastructure built by Ethereum and IPFS. Through a simple user interface, the jurors can easily receive the evidence submitted by both parties and arbitrate

Economic Incentive and Guarantee Deposit

In order to motivate the jurors to exercise the jury power properly, the jurors shall deposit a certain amount of VENA Token in Vena DAO

Exit Mechanism

An exit mechanism will be initiated when the circumstances occur during the contract term as follows: A. Jurors volunteer to exit B. Get fined more than 5 times during the contract term C. Vena DAO Committee determines that the juror has obvious misconduct (such as conspiracy to commit fraud)

Jury Network
Jury network is applied to situations where smart contract is unable to deal with and it will submit results to smart contract

We have grand plans


1. Official launch of white paper & Vena Network website
2. Proof of concept & launch development
3. Community building in countries including the United States of America、China、Canada、Australia、Russia、etc.


1. Release the official exchange beta version
2. Conduct targeted financing and lending business based on the official beta exchange
3. Open to application for Vena Nodes


1. Open source SDK of Vena Network is available in github
2. Pilot run of official exchange and operation simulation
3. Vena 1.0 release
4. First Vena Node introduction


1. Vena 1.1 release
2. Fully develop the ecosystem, start the city partner program, and introduce 20+ Vena Nodes


1. Vena 2.0 release
2. Accelerate the expansion of global business, Introduce 50+ Vena Nodes

Video of Vena Network
Meet Vena Network in Three Minutes

Core Team

Ching CEO

  • 1. Obtained the highest honor of 'Outstanding Student' of University of UESTC.
    2. Founder of the chainboard.io.
    3. Former technical director the IceKredit, a famous fintech company.
    4. Previously served as a special technical consultant for several listed companies.

Jeremy CTO

  • 1. Co-founder and CTO of Hardrole.
    2. Well-experienced blockchain engineer, was a core team member in Metaverse Blockchain.
    3. In-depth knowledge in blockchain underlying architecture, DAG network architecture, wallet, exchange, security protection.
    4. Previously in charge of cloud architecture design and product R&D in Hiscene, a famous AI company.

May Operation Director

  • 1. Master in Finance of NTU, bachelor of XMU.
    2. Rich experience in entrepreneurship. Achieved first venture capital exit by founding SATORI. In 2017,stepped in as CEO and sold out shares to SETTING IT in 2018.
    3. Now leading a highly professional team to provide one-stop in-house operational support to global technology companies, especially blockchain startups.

Yuanfei CSO

  • 1. Founder of Satori, an early developer of Ethereum, a contributor to ENS.
    2. Previouly was running operation of Beico, an ICO investment agent platform and led development of high-performance exchange.
    3. Majored in computer science and technology in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and co-founded Moregg during university years.
    4. Previously worked on algorithm of big data and machine learning in Silicon Valley, was in charge of analysis and operation in Yahoo.

Yoki Product Director

  • 1. Rich experience in Internet industry and previously worked for well-known Internet companies, eg. NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES), etc. the product she engaged in has more than 100 million users.
    2. Familiar with the user analysis of PC and mobile products, good at front-end and back-end product design, 2B2C product design, rich experience in project design and data analysis.

Zed Buissness Director

  • 1. Previously worked as project manager In CETC, led the whole process of building encrypted platform and cyber security system for Armed Police.
    2. In charge of the national cloud computing encrypted application white paper, Sichuan Provincial Government Cloud and Yunnan Cloud project which worth over 500 million RMB.

Amira Overseas Market Manager

  • 1. Seven years’ experience in business development and project management.
    2. Previously worked as an interpreter in meetings including G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting.
    3. Well-experienced in overseas market operation and is engaged in research of blockchain industry.


Yanxi Gu

  • 1. Chief strategy officer of DAEX and Chairman of the foundation.
    2. MBA of the University of Texas, Master of the University of Notre Dame, Master of University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor of Shandong University.
    3. Former Deputy CIO of Huatai United Securities and COO of several financial service companies.

Yang Zhao

  • 1. COO of Shanghai Xinyan Credit Information Service Co., Ltd., an expert in big data risk management.
    2. Former VP of ESurfing Credit Information Co., Ltd.

Yongchao Zhai

  • 1. Writer of “Spring Cloud Microservice Practice”.
    2. famous technical blogger, evangelist of Spring Boot / Spring Cloud, initiator of spring4all community.

Shawn Wang

  • 1. Former Team Leader of the Cyber-Crime Investigation group in Network Security System.
    2. Former Chief Security Officer of one ITFIN company of CITICPE.
    3. Director of Information Security of Fortune Global 500 Company.

Kong Huawei

  • 1. Director of the Shanghai Branch of the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    2. Partner of iStart Capital.
    3. Scientific Consultant to Canaan Information Technologies and Vice President of the International Blockchain Application Association.

SJ Zhang

  • 1. Eastern European fintech and blockchain investor, dropped out of Master degree study of Strategic Marketing in the Russian Central Bank Economy Institute.
    2. Former advisor of the Sberbank blockchain insurance project and worked as interpreter in state banquet of the Russian-Chinese Economic and Trade Forum.
    3. Early investor of blockchain projects including Ton, Polkadot, Cindicator, Bibox.

Vladimir Ninov

  • 1. Co-Founder at Webcoin
    2. Contributor at Forbes & Entrepreneur
    3. Co-Founder at ICOBay Group

Sameer Ahmed

  • 1. Vice President of BLVCK DIVMOND, a top rated Marketing Strategy Firm based in Las Vegas.
    2. Serial entrepreneur, marketing expert and seasoned FX Trader at Wall Street Academy.
    3. Focused on marketing and strategic partnerships.

Jayson Pearson

  • 1. Rich experience in television, live stage production, and operations management.
    2. Studied political science and economics at Carroll College in Montana and is getting another BS in psychology.

Grant Leingang

  • 1. President of BLVCK DIVMOND.
    2. Lead Visual Development, Programming & Marketing Analysis.

Investors & Cooperative Partners

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